Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Make a Grinchy Whoville Tree

Looking for the perfect porch pot tree? Or table topper? A Grinchy tree is the most perfect thing, for just about anywhere!

Here's how to make your own lovely Grinchy Whoville Tree.... 

Pick out a lovely, soft, and feathery Lemon Cypress in any size that you like. These trees are prefect for this project as they are pliable, yet will fluff right out again after the holiday... plus, they smell yummy and citrusy, too!  

I chose trees in one gallon pots that are about 12" tall, but you can go as big or small as you would like.  

Looking for super cute dinner place card holders, or guest favours? Maybe a cute table vignette? Choose the little 6" trees instead.  

Looking at making a larger one to use as your actual Christmas tree? Or as a colourful welcome by the doorway? Choose one of the taller 3' or 4' trees. Any size of Lemon Cypress will work for this project.   

Tie some stretchy cord or colourful twine into a loose loop at the base of the tree. 

Wind the cord around the tree, tucking in the tufts of greenery as you make your way up to the tip of the tree. Gently begin to lightly bend the tree to one side as you get halfway up. 

Tie off the cord at the top.

Pick out a fun ribbon to wind around your tree. It can be a bright solid in a fun colour, dotted, striped, or like the one in the top picture, one with little bobbles. I chose this candy-coloured, striped ribbon which I thought looked very Dr Seuss-ish. 

Rather than just a knot or tucking the end of the ribbon under itself, make a small bow at the base of the tree to add a touch of whimsy. 

Wind the ribbon up to the top of the tree and finish off with another bow. 

At this time, you could also add a strand of mini lights, especially if it is going to be outside on the porch, or be your main Christmas tree. 

You can also poke in some mini baubles, glittery pom-poms, or pipe-cleaner spirals.  

Add a hook to the tip of the tree to hold a fun bauble. 

Add a festive Christmas ball, bell or star.  

Hide the ugly grower pot by placing it into a pretty pail or flower pot, cover with moss. You can also plant it right into the pot.  

Water once or twice a week, to keep it fresh and happy throughout the holidays. Afterwards, remove the ribbons and such, fluff up the foliage, place pot outdoors, or plant in the ground to enjoy for many seasons to come.  

Happy Holidays! 

Wishing you a very Grinch-tacular Christmas ; ) 

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